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“There will be immense growth in singles sites throughout the next decade.”

“By far the fastest growing industry on the Internet”

“More than 45 million Americans visited a dating site in May, up from 35 million at the end of 2002.”

“Spending by subscribers in the Web singles industry has soared, rising to a projected $100 million or more a quarter this year from under $10 million a quarter at the beginning of 2001, according to the Online Publishers Association.”

“According to the Online Publishers Assn., Web surfers anted up $302 million to buy personals at singles sites in 2002. That’s a 319% increase over 2001’s $72 million.”

“It is anticipated that by the year 2005,
50% of the households in the United States
will be involved in a home-based business.”

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love and money for american singles
Right now a revolution in the online dating industry is quietly taking place primarily off-line. For the first time ever Online Dating has been combined with the power of referral marketing providing you the opportunity to own the perfect home based business! On a regular basis we all meet individuals that are seeking new friends and/or seeking a way to fortify their personal income. This program provides you with a powerful tool to help others in achieving one or both of these two goals.

This is your opportunity to participate in the most lucrative and exciting business opportunity on the Internet while also creating many new friendships just as we have. UltimateMatch.com is the first company to ever offer individuals the chance to earn residual cash income through five generations, in the soon-to-be BILLION DOLLAR ONLINE DATING INDUSTRY!

This home-based business is simple! You don’t have to be a computer wiz and anyone over 18 can participate. There is no inventory so you can get started in the affiliate program at no cost! Whether you are single or married, this is the ultimate business opportunity for you!

Although singles can join the online community and begin searching for their own “ultimatematch” right away, we advise everyone to review this web site and dial into the conference call at their earliest convenience. The conference call will help you understand this program in ways that can not be communicated easily via any web page. If an unanswered question remains after taking these steps, remember that we are only a phone call or email message away.
the ultimate team building site. get your free referral code and free trail membership to the singles community today!
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In addition to the eligible singles who are posting their profiles in the online dating service, you’ll also make many new friends as your own network of affiliates grow. Erin & I have had the opportunity to meet some great people in this business that we would never have been introduced to otherwise.

Remember, your friends and family don’t have to be single to become a Representative! Married people and people in serious relationships can still recommend the dating service and Affiliate program to others. Growing your network can be a fun hobby or a full-time job.

As your sponsoring representatives, Bruce Pippin & Erin Core will do their very best to personally assist you. Contact Us as soon as you have your referral code so we can help you get started.

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This program is very simple. Learn how to become an Ultimate Affiliate and start earning residual cash income today! MORE…
Online dating and personals is by far the fastest growing industry on the Internet, attracting millions of new subscribers every year. Learn what makes us unique! MORE…
UltimateMatch.com founded in April, 2003 by the founder and principal of a multi- million dollar brick-and-mortar dating service. MORE…
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